Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Finest green!!

The CB-1 passed its MOT with ease but started to run rough, it would start and tick over but as soon as the throttle was twisted it would start to die. Off with the carbs! Again!

At the bottom of the float bowls was a green sediment, probably from the tank that got disturbed when stripping the paint off. I poured 6 litres of cheap diet coke into the tank (make sure it's diet or you will end up with a sticky sugary mess inside your tank) and left it overnight to eat away all the crud inside the petrol tank. The next day I drained the coke out and rinsed the tank out with clean water then immediately with petrol. The tank is now spotless inside. I will never drink fizzy pop again!

When I took the bike for its MOT I was speaking to the garage owner who originally imported the bike and sold it to my brother. He stated that he always changed the pilot jets on import bikes as he never knew how long they had been stood unused. Even though I had used the ultra sonic cleaner on the jets and thought they were clean, when I bought new jets the difference in the size of the main hole running through the jet was huge! The pilot jets I fitted were N424-21-35.

Once the carbs were re-cleaned of finest green and new pilot jets fitted the bike started up straight away and is running better than ever!

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