Thursday, 29 March 2012

Got the angle grinder out after work tonight, cut a chunk off the back end and shortened the seat.

I will be getting rid of the rear foot pegs and make an exhaust hanger

I kind of like the side panels, still not sure if I should keep them?

I need to tidy up the back of the seat and decide if I want a cafe racer hump or something else

I am going for an overall rat look to the bike, which will mean getting some heavy duty paint stripper on the petrol tank for the bare metal look! The bike has a lot rust but nothing terminal. I think its known in the trade as patina!! All the bikes I used to own were rat bikes. I'm just after a cheap'ish fun bike that looks different to the normal run of the mill shiny plastic factory bikes.
I still have to sort the brakes, fork seals and take the swing arm off for a clean, but not too clean! But thats in a couple of weeks!

Sunday, 25 March 2012

I've been playing around with photoshop(not very well I might add) and have come up with this basic style for the CB-1. The colour will be more of a dull exposed steel look, than the white that it looks in the picture. I think I am going to keep the original silver side panels, as i should be able to hide some of the wiring and the rear master cylinder behind them.

I was going to straighten the seat rails but I don't think it would look right, it looks better on twin shock rear ends than mono shock.

I will be getting the angle grinder out over easter, and cutting off the back end where the white line is.

Need to sort out what tail/seat unit to put on?

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Finally got the bike started yesterday. Super clean carbs, new spark plugs, fresh petrol and fresh battery.

It was a bit smokey to start with but the bikes been stood for 5 years!!!

Next job was to sync the carbs up. I borrowed a Carbtune from a friend. Getting the screws out to fix the hoses was a pain. I had to remove the carbs again to get to the little blighters, then buying longer screwdrivers didn't work. Out came the mole grips, this worked without to much damage to the screw heads, I didn't have to resort to the Dremel!! but got there in the end! The carbs were way out. It didn't take to long to get it right. The carbtune is an excellent bit of kit.

I then rode it down the road and back and the CB1 was running perfect, trying not to use the brakes as they seize on solid as soon as you touch the levers!

I will now start stripping down the brakes........

Sunday, 4 March 2012

I wasn't happy with the condition of the carbs and the overall greenness of the jets even after cleaning with carb cleaner. I went out and bought an ultrasonic cleaner and tried again!

You can fit 1 carb in at a time, as the tank is quite big.

The difference is amazing!

I've put the carbs back together, just need time to fit them back on again.