Sunday, 22 July 2012


YES as the title suggests the bike is finished!!

I have lacquered the tank in petrol resistant clear lacquer.

I have stripped and rebuilt the forks and fitted new seals as they were knackered! I used this useful website It's for a SV650 but everything is mostly the same.

My good friend Duncan came round and welded some nuts to the inside of the frame so that I could attach a small aluminium tray under the seat to house the electrics.

As you can see in the picture below, you cannot even see the tray from the side.

I bought a small aluminium mudguard at the Stafford show earlier in the year and have just used the mounting bracket from the original front guard. I painted the bracket black and used 2 bolts to fix it to the mudguard. The small timing cover was flaking its silver paint and this has been painted black as well.
I fitted smaller indicators to the rear of the bike and these just bolted to existing holes in the side panels and wired up to the existing connectors.

I fitted a nice Hagon bar end mirror to finish the bike off and it actually works!

So this is the finished bike. I like to think it looks better than the dodgy photoshop picture that I posted in March. I have enjoyed re building the bike and now have a fun pocket rocket to ride around on.

A couple of Gritty B&W photos set in an urban industrial setting!!

I was first inspired to mildly customise this bike after seeing the UM-2 by Untitled Motorcycles -
Excellent bikes and useful tips on customising your bike.

I now have a BMW R80 and that will be the next project...

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