Thursday, 21 March 2013

Flexible Friend!

A long and slow winter but it's starting to pick up, a bit! I've been doing bits and pieces on the BMW.
I bought a pair of cheap scruffy looking silencers from ebay for £30. They are from an earlier twin shock BMW so they could not be just bolted on! I tried putting them straight onto the ends of the header pipes but it didn't look right. I then used the original mounts but I would have to make a connecting pipe.

I used flexible exhaust pipe. It comes in various lengths and diameters, I bought a metre for about £18 and cut it to size, it basically just slides on and then uses the same exhaust clamps. Not sure if I will paint them black!

The silencers sound quite fruity and have a nice twin sound.

The indicators were sourced from that there America! From the Dime City Cycles web site.

They kind of echo the same shape as the rear light

I also had a new number plate made, and another ebay purchase was a LED number plate light.

Every thing is now wired up so I will take it for a MOT next week. 

I need to ride it and make sure nothing falls off!!

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